Every kid deserves a good meal.

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Quality meals for all Colorado kids.

This November, Colorado voters can ensure access to free, nutritious meals made with quality ingredients for all students in public schools by voting YES on Proposition FF. 

No child should go hungry because they can’t afford a nutritious meal – More than 60,000 kids in Colorado can’t afford school meals, but don’t qualify for free or reduced-price lunches, and 2 out of every 5 Colorado families struggle to put food on the table for their children. When kids go hungry, their academic performance and long-term development suffers. We can help end childhood hunger by voting YES on Proposition FF.

Nutritious ingredients made in Colorado – Proposition FF provides the resources our schools need to prepare meals from scratch with healthy and nutritious ingredients and provides funding for schools to purchase ingredients from Colorado farmers and ranchers to use in healthy school meals.

Healthy kids perform better at school – For many students, the meals they get in school may be their only real meals each day. Studies show that providing kids with a healthy breakfast and lunch makes them more attentive and engaged in the classroom, leading to better grades, higher attendance rates, and higher graduation rates. Proposition FF gives every Colorado kid a better shot at success by ensuring they have healthy meals.


What would a YES vote do?

Provide access to free, nutritious school meals for all students in Colorado public schools by creating a statewide Healthy School Meals for All program. Any public school participating in the program will be fully reimbursed for providing free breakfasts and lunches to all students who need them. This will ensure no kid goes hungry because their family can’t afford to put food on the table. 

Support Colorado farmers and ranchers by reimbursing school districts for purchasing locally sourced food. School districts would be able to participate in a local procurement grant program to purchase food from Colorado farmers and ranchers to make healthy school meals. This will strengthen Colorado's food systems, the economy, and student health. 

Get rid of arbitrary restrictions blocking meals for hungry kids. More than 60,000 Colorado kids can’t afford school meals, but do not qualify for free or reduced-price school meals either. For example, our current laws consider a family of three that makes more than $29,939 per year “too rich” to qualify for free school meals. These restrictions don’t make sense, and our kids are going hungry as a result. When temporary pandemic aid made all school meals free last year, many Colorado school districts saw 20% to 40% more students participating in school meal programs. With the cost of living at an all-time high, that demand is likely even higher today, but the temporary aid has expired.

Create a sustainable, long-term funding source to provide free school meals for all. This ballot measure is funded by limiting state income tax deductions for the top 5% of Colorado income earners – people who make $300,000 per year or more. If you do not make $300,000 per year or more, your taxes will not be affected by this ballot measure. This ballot measure affects state income taxes only for the top 5% of income earners. It does not affect federal taxes of any kind for any Colorado households, regardless of income. 



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